The Walking Dead Season 2 Finale


The season finale of Telltales The Walking Dead Season 2 came out last night. The entire season was thoroughly enjoyable, and the finale featured one of the most difficult moments of The Walking Dead to date.

Obviously spoilers ahead, so don’t read until you’ve finished the game.

I chose to shoot Kenny to prevent Jane from being killed. I favoured Kenny throughout the entire season, supported and defended him, but I couldn’t watch him kill an innocent person.

He had gone too far, the baby was dead, it was nobody’s fault. Kenny had finally snapped and the game gave me no other choice but to shoot him or watch him murder Jane.

I killed Kenny, and in his dying moments he thanked me. He knew he had gone too far. That he had lost himself. I told him he was going to see Katjaa and Duck now, and then he was gone.

Then the baby starts crying.

Jane and I follow the sound and find the baby safely tucked away in the back of a nearby car. Jane then reveals that she knew the baby was there all along, and that she lied to Kenny to set him off and prove to me how unstable he really was.

This insane cunt had just orchestrated this entire situation and manipulated me into killing a character I had known for two seasons, all to prove that he was a potential danger.

I was furious.

If there was an option to execute her right there and then I would have.

All I could do was walk away with the baby as she pleaded for forgiveness.

My game ended more or less as it started, Clementine on her own. Except now she has a baby to take care of and is about to walk straight through a heard of walkers covered in undead juice. Hope little AJ doesn’t start crying.

I was happy with my choices in the end, I did the best with the knowledge I had at the time and I’m yet to rewind any of my decisions made while playing The Walking Dead.

This game, this fucking game, it brings me to tears every episode.

What a fantastic ride.

Thanks again Telltale.



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